Do Brejo Branding and Label

Do Brejo is a brand of liquor and craft beer.
For this work, there was the challenge of creating a young brand that at the same time, rescued the origins of Brejo.
As a result, the frog's image was chosen to represent the brand, which will bring on each label a different shape along with the green and white colors. 

Also, a playful text was written to go with the liquor "Viegas":
"One great day, a frog decided to leave his lake to learn how to make the sacred drinks of the marsh, which had to have generous doses of jaboticaba, alcohol, and an intense fruity aroma. In a Villa called Viegas, he picked the sweetest jaboticabas ever found. It was the first drink from Brejo: Liquor from Jaboticaba Viegas. "

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